Chula Cats
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We have new kittens!

I am a hobby breeder and exhibitor of Exotic Shorthairs. My cats and kittens are registered with CFA. We keep our numbers low, our cats are our pets and are never caged. We are located in a suburb near Seattle, Washington. 

Persians were our first love, we couldn't resist those adorable flat faces and wonderful personalities. We have now  transitioned over to Exotic Shorthairs. Getting the great combination of those adorable flat faces,  friendly personalities and short more manageable coats.

We breed for type, short bodies, smooth domed heads, big expressive eyes, and plush coats.

Temperament is just as important as quality. Our cats and kittens are raised with our children. Well socialized, getting a lot of hands on attention, affection and love.

We are working with lines including  Heida, Artemis, Corsica, Entredos, Desmin, Demanch, Jerba Nicol, and Calivan.

We offer kittens to show, breeder and pet homes. To get one step closer to becoming a proud owner of an Exotic Shorthair, please view our "Available Page"

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